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Can I change my billing cycle?
Yes! Simply submit a ticket and let us know the billing cycle you prefer and we will update your account for you.
How do I cancel my PayPal subscription to recurring payments?
If you pay regular recurring monthly invoices via a PayPal subscription and wish to cancel this you can follow the instructions below to complete this. Please note that Silicom Network does not have a...
How do I cancel my service?
We're very sorry to see that you may wish to cancel your service. If you are experiencing any issues or have any concerns, please contact our staff so we can assist you and correct any problems you ma...
Does my service auto-renew?
Yes. Like any service, your web hosting service will auto-renew until you cancel it. Please make sure to properly submit a cancellation request for any unwanted services prior to renewal to avoid bein...
My invoice is past due. Will my service be suspended?
We have a 3 day grace period following your due date. If the past due invoice is paid within that time, your account will not be suspended. After 3 days unpaid accounts are automatically suspended. On...